Your Wellbeing Is Significant To Us

travel doctor in Melbourne

We prioritise your health and wellbeing above all else since we are general practise specialists. Every travel doctor in Melbourne gives every patient who enters our office the best medical care attainable. Regardless of your age, colour, gender identity, sexual preference, or religion, you will receive the same excellent service and guidance. We consider everyone to be equal. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners registers all medical professionals. They each have further training in specialised disciplines seen as valuable by the community, such as:

  • pregnancy care
  • Children’s (paediatric) health
  • mental health
  • LGBTQI+ health
  • sexual health
  • sports medicine
  • and travel medicine

Services We Offer In the Melbourne CBD

We have a dentistry, Allied health, and corporate health clinic in addition to our Melbourne medical centre. We offer dental cleanings and exams, crowns, cosmetic dentistry procedures, teeth whitening, fillings, and after-hours dental care. Our Melbourne CBD doctor also provides pre-employment physicals, injury management, and fitness for duty, immunizations, health checks, and executive health evaluations to businesses in the Melbourne, Victoria area. Our medical facility is located in the CBD of Melbourne. Additionally, we provide Telehealth consultations throughout Victoria, including in Melbourne. This year, telehealth has spread more widely. We have added mental health, prescriptions for travel medicine, men’s health guidance, and all women’s health services to our online doctor’s clinic and general practise.

Our Specialties at Our Medical Centre

Skin Cancer Examinations Melbourne

The Melbourne CBD medical centre offers a wide range of skilled skin procedures. Please get in touch with us right once if you notice any lumps or moles that you think might be worrisome. A quick 30-minute check-up at our Melbourne CBD doctors’ office can put your mind at ease and allow us to determine whether additional action is necessary. Around 20% of all Melanoma cases in Australia are in people between the ages of 15 and 39. However, given our location in the world and our exposure to the sun and UV radiation, melanoma is a problem for Australians of all ages. In Melbourne, our general practitioners have a great deal of experience making an early diagnosis. Please visit one of our CBD medical GPs if you notice something or feel something and aren’t sure about it. A physical examination is the first step in the majority of skin cancer therapies, which can be completed locally. Schedule a consultation with one of our Melbourne CBD doctors, and we’ll determine what therapy, if any, is necessary.

Melbourne vaccinations

Every year, vaccinations save millions of lives. For residents of the city and its environs, our Melbourne CBD doctors provide a variety of immunizations. It has been demonstrated that defending infants, kids, and adults against infectious disease can prevent millions of deaths and even end disease. Epidemics and diseases regularly affect societies that do not provide universal vaccines. It is crucial for all parents to shield their children against infectious diseases as early as possible. This is crucial for your child’s growth and development as well as for preventing the spread of sickness within the neighbourhood.


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