Month: June 2017

When growing up, most of us don’t realise the difficulty our parent’s go through in bringing us up, how they have to earn everything to pay all the bills and for food and other basic necessities. We don’t know that nothing comes easy unless you work for it with a lot of determination and dedication; but later on in life we realise all of this through some of the lessons we learn, the hard way. It’s only when we’re older that we fully appreciate all of what our parents have gone through and sacrificed to get us where we are. They did everything with the intention that we were going to succeed in life and all their hard work would be worth it. This is why we need to be grateful for the way they brought us up, with the proper manners and morals, not forgetting our sense to value something properly. They didn’t spoil us by buying each and everything we wanted as children, because they knew that if they did, it wouldn’t end well. They made everything a life lesson and made sure we learnt it, too.

Basically, they did us a favour by doing all that; as they prepared us to face the real world and all its glorious wonder. To climb up the ladder in life, one has to go through a lot of difficulty and hardship, because nothing comes easy. When someone’s just starting out in life after leaving school, it’s even harder. Some people know what they’re going to do career wise, and have known since a very young age; how they manage to do so is applaudable. While there others who still have no idea what to do even after leaving school, it may all seem a little bit too confusing because you’re not exactly sure which path to follow. They’ll feel extremely overwhelmed with what everyone’s trying to say, so in these cases it’s best to take some time off to decide on your own. No one is immediately able to get the job of their dreams, because that only comes after you’ve done various jobs here and there, trying to figure out what to do, maybe even becoming something like a plumber in Narre Warren.

It isn’t exactly the most ideal job out there, but they come in very handy in fixing hot water systems.

Doing odd jobs like these is quite common for a lot of people out there, as this is all a good experience for anyone, it goes a long way.