Month: January 2017

Cleaning the house can be hectic. There are a lot of things to clean that most of the time you forget to clean certain things in the house. By the time you remember, you are already snuggled in bed after a tiring day or it is the next day and you are too lazy to clean. You probably won’t clean it till you decide to clean the house again like most of us at home but you can avoid that if you have a cleaning check list with you so that you actually get the essentials done first for floor sanding and polishing.

Here are some things that you should do either by yourself or by hiring. First things first, picking things up, this includes arranging. There will magazine and DVDs and lamps that everywhere and out of place. Put them where they belong and if there cups and mugs put them in the sink. Clothes that need to be washed put in the basket and the rest in the closet. While you are at it, you might as well clean and arrange the closet itself. Time to start dusting the house, you may start with a cloth and wipe. Using a damp cloth will help increase the efficiency of cleaning the dirt on objects.

Do not forget top of doors and the fan blades. Everything else you think that needs a dusting. Photos frames to the ornament objects on the racks. When it comes to cleaning the floor you have some options of how to clean. If you have strand woven bamboo flooring, you in luck because these hardly need to be cleaned. You give a good floor polishing by hiring a professional for engineered timber flooring if you don’t want to get yourself a back pain or if you don’t have the right supplies. Polishing floors can be tricky because each floor has different styles and supplies that are used to polish to make it look good.

Trying it yourself can sometimes might even damage your floors.Special rooms would include the kitchen and the bathroom. Clean the countertops and the wall tiles near the sink if you have any. There might be little cleaning to do on the stove and inside the microwave. Finally inside and around the sink with some soap cleaning supply mixed with warm water to give a good shine. Bathrooms are typical cleaning as well, from the sinks to bathtubs. Clean the cabinets and the racks. Do not forget the dirty floors. That about the essential and finally you can wipe the windows in the house and you are done at least till the point before you move on to anything that needs to be cleaned in your house.