Ways To Prevent Trips, Slips And Fall?

Trips, slips and fall are the main cause for injuries and deaths. Hundreds of people die due to this and it isn’t a matter to be taken lightly. All these injuries make people miss their work or worse makes them disabled. This causes head injuries, broken bones, sprains and problems in the back and spinal cord. Not only does it affect the person injured but also causes costs to businesses since they must pay workers compensation and even the for families as it is an unexpected medical emergency. The cause for slips and fall are usually wet floors, loose flooring, waxed floors, poor lighting or even cords laying around. There are ways to reduce these hazards.

Good Housekeeping
Proper housekeeping ensures a safe environment for the people in the house or the employees in the business. Poor housekeeping habits creates a large possibility for injuries. Poor safety in homes make the family prone to injuries and raises the cost of the family and poor safety on businesses results in higher insurance costs. Make sure all places are clean and free from clutter. Housekeeping must be done daily to ensure safety. As a business owner being aware of the necessary flooring needed in the area such as anti slip coating and planning accordingly will save costs greatly. Also make sure all employees have certain habits that contribute to good housekeeping.

Conditioned Flooring
Make sure the issues such as cracks and holes on the floor as quickly repaired or at least place warnings near it. Old floors must be changed and loose floors must be repaired. For slippery surfaces use rugs, mats or no slip strips to prevent falls. If you have the necessary funds high tech flooring is the best option as it is slip free and makes walking easier but this type of flooring must be regularly maintained to ensure the safety.

Stairways without handrails is a common cause for falls in workplaces. There are high quality slip free stair available to ensure worker safety. Make sure all stairways are well maintained as well as well lit so workers or family members can clearly see what they are stepping on and avoid tripping over objects.

Although it applies to everyone in general, workers must be very particular about their footwear. Proper shoes must be worn especially if he is working in a wet or slippery area that can cause a fall. Employers must check and make sure that the soles and heels of employees footwear are assessed to ensure safety.

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